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GBPNZD Market Outlook

Similar to the New Zealand dollar, the pound has also extended its rebound against the US dollar overnight, resulting in cable rising back up to the 1.2550-level, moving 1.2550-level, and moving
further above the low from 13th May at 1.2156.

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Reasons Forex Traders Fail

There is usually a common reason why a lot of traders fail, these reason usually line up a combination of factors that are setting you up for doom. So, how do you break the cycle and stop failing? Read on…

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Mind-Blowing Tips On How To Set SMART Trading Goals

Our goal at Global Institute of Trading is to give hope to struggling traders and to bring you the best financial reports and information about what the big players are doing. Our blog information is more than just that, we want to create a close relationship between our readers making them aware of the unknown in the trading space.

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Can JPY return to pre-Covid levels?

The Bank of Japan is expected to keep its main monetary settings unchanged, even as the yen’s rapid weakening to a two-decade low fuels market speculation about a possible adjustment to policy or messaging.

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Struggling with Risk Management?

90% of traders lose 90% of their money in the first 90 days of trading. Sounds cliche? Definitely not. This isn’t a coincidence, it’s a statement backed by data from ‘brokers’. The majority of new traders with a new trading account lose almost all of their money within 90 days of trading a live account.

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LNG & Natural Gas

The US and European Union (EU) formed a joint task force on 25 March, with the sole objective of reducing the EU’s dependency on Russian natural gas. US LNG exports will be pivotal in realizing this strategy, with the EU seeking to import an additional 15Bcm in 2022 and ensure additional demand of 50Bcm per year at least until 2030.

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We wrote last week that risk markets were struggling to climb a growing wall of worry,
with sentiment catching down with decelerating global activity.

Meanwhile, some central banks are starting to deliver on more hawkish guidance in the face of these risks with 50bp policy moves, and the Fed looks well on pace to join them in early May. We believe these trends have further to go and play USD positive.

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EUR/USD outlook

Russa-Ukraine war has caused some stir in the markets, especially in the EUR pairs. EURUSD has been in a steady decline for some time now, but is it time for a rebound?

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