Joe Barreca

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With over 12 years of experience in business and trading, Joe’s passion for Entrepreneurship has lead him to wanting to teach others how they can create an income from anywhere in the world. After achieving great success in the establishing start up companies, Joe has started a Foreign Exchange trading education company that was to help many other aspiring traders learn easy, stress free and simple techniques to how to trade the markets profitably by helping individuals that don’t know where to start. 


The Global Institute of Trading (GIT) was founded on the core strengths of understanding that everyone has different needs. Users will learn the skills that GIT was built on, and the very same trading strategy that many of their members use weekly to remain consistently profitable in the market. 

" At Global Institute of Trading we do not ignore our members as soon as they sign up, we are much more affordable then than our competition and are not egotistical. We are hands on with our community. Once becoming a member, you are not just another member in the crowd, you become a part of their community. We get to know each client personally and hold themselves accountable for seeing each person succeed in the trading world. " - Joe Barreca


Lachlan Olive


Trading was introduced to Lachlan in 2015 and he has successfully traded the past 3 years with our mentorship. Global Institute of Trading approached Lachlan to become a mentor and educator due to his impressive record and experience. He understands the commitment, challenges and patience traders experience on a daily basis.

Lachlan specialises on Swing Trading and also has interest in the London Open and Asia Price Action. He has the skills and experience as an Independent Trader and Mentor of Global Institute of Trading.