Global Institute of Trading

Global Institute of Trading (GIT) was founded on the core strengths of understanding that everyone has different needs. You will learn the very skills that GIT was built on, and the very same trading strategy that many of our members use on a weekly basis to remain consistently profitable in the market.

As a GIT member, you will have the benefit of a wide range of products such as networking, webinars, tailored coaching videos, live trading analysis & access to our Proprietary Trading Firm


Our Services

We deeply believe that success in this field comes from providing first class, proactive services for clients. With my wide range of trading expertise and diverse market knowledge, Our programs are designed to help you take control of your financial life and maximize your returns. Understanding that most people have busy lives and schedules, our trading systems are designed so that you only need to spend up to 45min per day on the charts.

Proprietary Trading

Know how to trade but don't have the necessary Capital? Talk to one of our team members and we can offer you funding.

You won't be just another number in our group. We like to know each and every one of our members and your goals and how we can best help in achieving them.

Looking for more hands on education? Book in a 1:1 with our professional mentors and get the answers to all your questions.

Join a community of members and network with other trades online and possibly in your own city! 

Investment  Management

Looking to invest? If you're looking for the professionals to trade on your behalf we also offer a PAMM  service through our trading partners.

Daily market analysis of over 30 currencies, indices & commodities. Every trade is explained with exact entry and exit criteria so you can follow along with our personal high probable trades.

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