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We are a team of professional and ex-institutional traders brought together with the single goal of bringing nothing but exceptional trades and education for Retail Traders of all backgrounds and experiences.

With over 4 years of history, 2000+ members and 6 staff members we bring you EliteTraders. We provide both Swing and Day trades with developed, optimised strategies.


We utilise each of our traders strengths so we can capitalise in any market condition.

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Institutional Markets Insight & Daily Reports

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Market Research

  1. Technical Analysis and ideas

  2. Equity analysis

  3. In-depth fundamental & macroeconomic news

  4. Global research & reports

Gain confidence in your trading by following Institutional trade ideas, analysis & reports

Our aim is to give you the edge over the market that you need as a retail trader. Understanding what the large banks and fund managers are doing on a day-to-day basis can greatly impact and improve your trading decisions. Get first-hand insight into their analysis every single day.

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