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Global Institute of Trading (GIT) was founded on the core strengths of understanding that everyone has different needs. You will learn the very skills that GIT was built on, and the very same trading strategy that many of our members use on a weekly basis to remain consistently profitable in the market.

As a GIT member, you will have the benefit of a wide range of products such as networking, webinars, tailored coaching videos, live trading analysis & access to our Proprietary Trading Firm</n>

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We deeply believe that success in this field comes from providing first-class, proactive research for clients. With my wide range of trading expertise and diverse market knowledge, Our daily market analyses are designed to help you make better and more confident trading decisions. Our aim is to give you the edge over the market that you need as a retail trader. Understanding what the large banks and fund managers are doing on a day-to-day basis can greatly impact and improve your trading decisions. Get first-hand insight into their analysis every single day. We provide daily market analysis and trade ideas from large Institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Barclays Capital, TD Securities, J.P Morgan, Credit Suisse & more.

Proprietary Trading

Know how to trade but don’t have the necessary Capital? Talk to one of our team members and we can offer you funding.

Hands-on service

You won’t be just another number in our group. We like to know each and every one of our members and your goals and how we can best help in achieving them.

Personal Coaching

Looking for more hands on education? Book in a 1:1 with our professional mentors and get the answers to all your questions.

Ready to goto the next level?

Ready to take your trading to the next level and excel in your future career as a professional trader? Hit the red button and let us help you!

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Been part of GIT for a few months now…

Been part of GIT for a few months now and now a life time member. Joe’s trend following system is easy to folow & understand. Any questions on his strategy or trading in general, Joe, a member of his team or anyone in the discord are happy to help and answer questions. I’ve had my first 2 profitable months since joing GIT, this has been from my own hard work but also from the help of GIT and it’s members. Joe’s future outlook for GIT and what will be made available to his members is remarkable. An already excellent service from GIT is only going to get better and stronger in the future.


Highly recommended!

Not only does Joe have a great strategy that’s easy to follow and effective in all environments, but the GIT community is also a great place to talk to other traders and get more help when Joe isn’t around. Joining GIT has been the best decision I made for my trading

Ryan Allen


Joining this community was a relief for me. After so many “gurus” and scammers, I’ve finally found Joe.
He completely changed my mindset, and show me what I can really expect from forex.
It’s been a great journey, with valuable information and tips from an experience mentor.

I will always be thankful!


Become independant of employers!!!

If your seeking a way to become independent of banks and employers, that’s not cryptocurrency hype, then this is the place to call home. Known as the ‘humble trader’ Joe and the team at GIT are invested to educate you on how to trade successfully through education and not promises. I have traded now with Joe for over 3yrs and grown my portfolio threefold. Play the long game and consistent game with GIT. You will never look back.


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